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Top 10 Turn-Offs For Guys Most Girls Know Nothing About…#8 Is Crucial


We all do things that sometimes annoy our partners whether we know about them or not. Little annoying things might not seem like a big deal to us but our partners notice and sometimes, it affects them more than we know. Open and honest conversations are crucial in every relationship but most times concerns are harder to voice than we think. But you all should fear not: we are here to tell you all about those annoying things you keep doing that might turn your man off. Here we go!

1. Stop talking about your ex
Seriously girl! Leave the past in the past and get your head together for the exciting present! Talking about your ex will not only turn your new man away – it will also leave you wondering why he did so. Keep your new relationship going and talk about ex to your girlfriends not your man.

2. Desperation
Put the phone down and step away. That text number 100 is not necessary, trust us. A guy who is interested in you will not be waiting forever – he will be calling and texting you right back. Learn how to take a hint and don’t be that girl his friends call ‘a psycho stalker’.

3. Looking like a drag queen
We all want to look pretty for the person we like. However, overdoing it with makeup won’t do you any good. To be fair: guys will say they adore the ‘natural look’ without knowing how much work goes into it but keeping it casual is the best way to go!


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