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Mom Gives Birth – Then Loses It When She Peeks Between Her Baby’s Legs.


Throughout the pregnancy, meanwhile, Kim and Travis didn’t know the baby’s gender. And despite Travis being keen to find out, during scans the couple turned their heads when the baby’s lower half came into view.

Instagram/Kim Guiley

Kim spoke to Today about the reason behind the secrecy of the sex of the baby: “After the miscarriage, I was just really attached to having a healthy baby, regardless of sex. My husband wanted to find out, and I said, ‘No, let’s have fun with it.’” Even so, Kim already had a good idea of the baby’s gender.

Instagram/Kim Guiley

Kim believed, however, that she was having a girl. Why? Because female babies, apparently, are synonymous with difficult pregnancies. Furthermore, little Hazel also thought that her mom would have a girl. Could this be a textbook example of female intuition?

Santa Cruz Family Doula Collective

“I was really sick with this pregnancy, and there’s a correlation between sickness and having girls,” Kim said to Today. “And my two-year-old daughter thought it was a girl. I had all these silly reasons.” Silly reasons, maybe, but when you know, you know, right?

Santa Cruz Family Doula Collective

Well, despite her prediction, Kim was by no means sure that a baby girl was on the way. “Because I’m a doula and I work with babies and births,” she added in her Today interview, “I know you can never have any expectations about anything.”

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