How I Made My First Million Naira At Age 21 On Bookies!!!


    Hi Friend, I am Farouk Sheni Also known as OMO OBA, I am 24 years old a graduate. If you are joining me from FACEBOOK, I must say you are very lucky to find yourself on this page, as you should count yourself a millionaire already if you are not one yet. If you don’t want to be rich. Please stop reading and leave but if you want to, kindly read to the end. I will reveal to you one of my top secrets how I became rich, after some years of trying to be rich without knowing that riches is as a result of open-mindedness. YES!, believing in little things and paying attention to little details. Let me take you down my memory lane and tell you how I became rich by paying little attention:

    ‘One day I went to a bet9ja shop with just #100 to play a booking I wanted to stake on. Then One guy walked into the shop, and there was a guy standing beside me who knew that guy and all of a sudden he started shouting Jagaban! Jagaban!! and I was curious because this guy was very young and the guy hailing him was older. Then I kept quiet and pay attention closely as this guy asked Jagaban ‘ANYTHING FOR YOUR BOY’. Jagaban asked them to go out and took a pen and wrote something on a piece of paper and give the guy and started leaving walking towards his car. And the guy was very happy and came back to the shop with piece of paper to play booking. When I noticed that, I ran behind Jagaban and I was calling him bros! bros!, Lol someone even younger than me. I told him I needed his help that  I wanted to be rich like him. He smiled and Then he gave me his personal contact card.’

    That little occassion changed my life totally, as we are now not just acquaintances but very close friends now. He has shown me how he made his money daily from sports betting, as he has shown me his source to get these games. So you see how lucky I am by just paying little attention. That is why I told you, you should count yourself lucky by visiting this page. I personally wanted to be quiet and be enjoying my wealth without helping anyone. But when I noticed how the Nigeria economy is challenging with many youths no jobs and all I decided to share one of my secrets to make money from home without having a boss.

    So lets get to bussines. I use my BBM Channel to update games and also platform to share testimonies from my subscribers. You can join here by clicking Official Bet Tips BBMC. Take a look at some of the tetimonies here on my BBM Channel 

    These are also some of the cashouts from them below;

    You too can act now by joining me as I offer this opportunity daily and be a millionaire as well. Act Now. DON’T MISS OUT ON OUR SUPER GAMES TODAYSUBSCRIBE ON OUR CHANNEL HERE!!!

    So you see how I live my life with ease, no headaches, financially free. Take a look at me, in some of my pics. you can see am just one of those regular guys that became lucky and rich by grace.

    In my Ride…

    In my house skaking my games onlineIn my Sitting Room…WOW! I flex too you know:) 😂😂



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