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25 Of The World’s Ugliest Statues…#22 Will Make You Say ‘WTF?’


Statues are works of art. Wherever there is a statue, there’s an artist and story behind it. That being said, you would think public statues would have more thought put into them because they’re literally out for everyone to see. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

The world is filled with different people and different cultures which also means different works of art. What we may perceive as inappropriate or weird in the states may be perceived as normal in Europe.

Whatever it is, you have to admit many of these statues are odd for the most part.

#1. Embankment’s Arch, Vilnius, Lithuania

An art piece that cost about 29,000 euros to create that basically looks like an odd shaped pipe.

 Embankment's Arch, Vilnius, Lithuania

#2. Breast Bunch, Arnhem, Netherlands

The name says it all… a very weird sculpture to look at. I feel awkward just for glancing at it.

Breast Bunch, Arnhem, Netherlands

Marla Roosen

#3. Man Attacked By Genii, Oslo, Norway

Such an accurate representation of what parenting is like, minus the nude part. But the war against kids yes.

Man Attacked By Genii, Oslo, Norway

#4. Marine Venus, Halifax, Canada

This looks like a sex accident gone wrong? And to top it off, it’s a statue on a university’s campus.

Marine Venus, Halifax, Canada


#5. Field of Corn, Dublin, Ohio

Oh just a field of giant cement corn cobs, no big deal. Nothing about this is abnormal whatsoever. All I see is art.

Field of Corn, Dublin, Ohio
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