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12 Surprising Ways You Can Get Pregnant Without Realizing It…Take #10 Seriously


The only sure way of avoiding pregnancy is total abstinence, to not have sex at all, but some of us have better self control than others.

If you’re sexually active or thinking about having sex, it’s good to know the facts of safe sex. There are plenty of highly effective contraceptives to help prevent an unintended pregnancy and methods to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

The CDC released a chart titled the Effectiveness of Family Planning Methods, citing the reversible methods of the implant and intrauterine device and the permanent methods of male and female sterilization as the most effective methods. They included easily accessibly methods such as condoms and the birth control pill.

According to a study in Germany, you can also gain a clear understanding of your cycle and avoid pregnancy naturally through the symptothermal method (STM). In the study, it was 99.6% effective when taught and carried out correctly, but the CDC has listed fertility-awareness based methods on the least effective side of their spectrum.

With results that are constantly changing, the most important thing you should know is that safe sex is more appropriately called “safer sex,” because these methods are not one hundred percent effective.

In any case, the CDC recommends always using a condom to reduce the risk of STIs, a protection not provided by the other methods.

Below you’ll find out how it’s possible to get pregnant even if you’re already practicing safer sex.

#1. Using Only Your Hands

Is he good with his hands? Lucky you. Just make sure he cleans them thoroughly if he’s going from one place to the next. While this sexual activity doesn’t directly cause pregnancy, if he still has some of his own sperm on his hand from an ejaculation and begins to touch you inside soon after, you just might get knocked up.

Using Only Your Hands

#2. Heavy Petting Parties

Petting is no joke. It can get pretty hot and heavy, and extremely satisfying for both parties. In the end, while it does not involve direct contact, that doesn’t mean you’re pregnancy-free. It depends on where the man ejaculates and the movement that follows.

In her autobiography, Suzanne Somers wrote about getting pregnant after a session of heavy petting with her boyfriend at a hotel. He’d ejaculated on the outer area, near the top, but it somehow trickled in.

Heavy Petting Parties


#3. Shopping for Condoms

You should always make sure to inspect the package for the condition and expiration date (that’s why it’s dangerous to keep one in your wallet, fellows). You should also make sure that you’ve purchased the right size. If there isn’t a little extra room in the condom, they can leak and break.

Shopping for Condoms

#4. Using a Condom

Well done on deciding to use a condom! No matter how excited you are, do not by any means open the condom with your teeth or scissors. This can tear the condom. Also make sure you slip it on at the right time.

Using a Condom

#5. Selecting the Right Lubricant

Does it matter what kind of lube you use? Yes, it does! Oil-based lube can lead to breakage in a latex condom, so it’s best to stick to water based ones (probably not tears though).

Selecting the Right Lubricant
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