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11 Major Reasons Why Men Dump Women…#11 Is Every Man’s Kryptonite.


When you meet that right guy, it can feel like everything is falling into place. You start to envision your home together, starting a family, and a whole future ahead of you two. But that fantasy is shattered when a man just walks out on a relationship, leaving you wondering what you could have done differently to keep it intact. If you’re looking for some closure, here are the most common reasons why men leave their partners.

1. He feels like his flaws are judged rather than accepted, as they should be by a partner. You can never fix someone in a relationship, or hope that they’ll change unrealistically. You can only accept them as they are, and if that’s not enough, no wonder they kick you to the curb!

2. He feels intimidated by her success. Sometimes, men feel as though they need to be in power to have the upper hand in a relationship. If their woman is the breadwinner or receives a lot of public attention, men sometimes can’t handle that and feel as though their needs aren’t being tended to enough.

3. If he suspects dishonesty and you can’t communicate over it. Fib or obscene lie, hiding the truth can create distance in a relationship – a tiny lie about one afternoon can be connected to a bigger lie about someone’s past, for instance.

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