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10 Things You Should Know To Succeed In Marriage


• Respect is more important than love. Not that love is not important. But there are many cases where couples choose to stay together even though the love had died long before. Sometimes to support their children till they grow up, or to attain financial security. In contrary, once you lose the respect to your partner, you won’t be able to coexist.

You can revive lost love, but disrespect is hard to fix. You must be sincere.

• Fancy the eyes: If you decided to fall in love with the looks, make sure to fall for the eyes, because they never age. The handsome guy that you know today, in few years’ time, will have a muffin-top belly and thinning hair and the stunning beauty that you adore now will have wrinkled face and sagged posture. Remember, the eyes are the window of the soul. You will see your partner’s passion, joy and longing through them no matter how old they are.

• Cross minefields together: When your partner is progressing through a tough time in their career or if they’re struggling with some health issues, or even going insane. This is what I call the minefield of your married life. You must cross it together. If you decided to wait for him/her at the other side of the minefield and let them cross it by themselves, you’ll definitely lose them. If they don’t make it to the other side, you have lost them. If they made it by themselves without your support… You have lost them as well.

• You will not be the same person 10 years from now: People change all the time. You fell head over heels for this person. Years of continuously getting crushed under corporate-life wheels, marathon after the kids, and drowning in daily housework, will make your partner’s personality almost unrecognizable. They might become more nervous, less sensitive, more aggressive or less forgiving. They will definitely not be the same person. And you need to come to terms with the new version of you and your partner, otherwise your life will be unbearable.

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